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Going Green


Good Friend Mortgage Inc. is dedicated to doing its part to help our mother earth by implementing "Going Green" initiatives.  Our goal is to get Green Certified.

Here are just a few things Good Friend Mortgage is doing to be Green:

Adopt-a-Road Program: Good Friend Mortgage received a Certificate of Appreciation last month from the City of Roswell, signed by the major (Jere Wood), for our dedication to Being Green and for our efforts Keeping Roswell Beautiful. We clean King Road in Roswell GA every 45-60 days.  Good Friend Mortgage employees are committed to giving back to our community by keeping King Road clean throughout the year.  Thank you to our employees for their dedication and thank you to Roswell for giving us this opportunity to give back.

 Recycling Program: We recycle all paper, glass and plastic used by the company and it's employees.  We do NOT purchase foam plates, cups or other non-recyclable consumables.

Paper Reduction Program: We have implemented a "paperless office" program.  Nearly all documents are obtained electronically (vs. hard copy) and securely stored on our Loan Origination server.  We electronically scan clients originals (vs. photocopy).  We have eliminated 95% of our paper use through this program!  We replaced our fax machine with an PC-based fax solution, eliminating 100% of our faxed paper useage. We send our clients documents electronically through a secure portal to nearly eliminate printing and mailing processes.

Power Reduction Program: We have replaced a majority of our lighting systems to low voltage florescent and LED solutions.  We power off all computers not currently in use during the work week, and we power off all non-essential systems on weekends. We have replaced all but a few CRT monitors with low power consumption LCD panels.  We have reset our thermostates in the office to reduce both electric and gas consumption.

Water Reduction Program:  We have implemented a program to reduce water use by using low flow facets, low flow toilets and other measures.  We have reduced our water consumption to less than 5 gals. per day per employee!

Virtual Office Program: Employees work from their homes and meet with clients at their homes or comfortable meeting locations.  This nearly eliminates all commuter-based consumption.  We use technologies such as "meetings to go" and on-line application solutions to nearly eliminate the need for large groups of people to commute to meet. 

On-site Lunch Program: We have a kitchen area and available to our employees who must be on-site. We encourage them to bring a lunch with them.  This eliminates the need to commute to a fast-food restaurant and eliminates the use of foam and other consumables associated with the fast food industry.

Debbie Switts - CEO
Good Friend Mortgage
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