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Testimonal for HB Seminar

Google Review on Home Buyer Seminar 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a Saturday morning seminar that Good Friend Mortgage offers. So I went, skeptically, not really sure what I was going to find. I fully expected to be churned or even told to “do whatever it takes to get a home” since the market has been so good, and interest rates have been at an all-time low; My apprehensions about what I was walking into were somewhat high.

Boy was I surprised at the professionalism and the gracious direction that they gave me. They were very polite and always answered my questions directly. Never averting certain topics or seeming to hide information. Not only were the folks at Good Friend encouraging and upfront, but they were also very good about teaching me the entire process without making me feel that I should already know it.

During my time there, they very patiently showed me how much I could save, what I needed to save; and what routes were the best to take in attaining the best deal for me, as a potential home-buyer. Debbie lined up very well the do’s and do not’s in a very realistic way.

Showing me how I could build my credit and advising me about the process along the way.

I highly recommend this seminar for folks who are interested in purchasing a home, or who, like me, aren’t sure if they want to purchase or not. The seminar is free, and if nothing else, is a great educational experience.

~Brianna J.

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